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Unable to attend a Kenneth Copeland Ministries Believers' Convention, Victory Campaign or meeting? Or just want to experience the uncompromised Bible teaching again? With "on-demand", you can watch or listen to a KCM meeting at your convenience. Hear the latest word about living by faith, walking in victory, becoming financially free or receiving your healing. Just choose the meeting you want to join below!

2014 Meetings
2014 Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign
America Stands 2014
2014 Southwest Believers' Convention
2014 Branson Victory Campaign
2014 The Year Of Victory Over Death and Manifested Love

2013 Meetings
2013 Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign
2013 Word Explosion
2013 Great Lakes Victory Campaign
2013 Southwest Believers' Convention
2013 Canada Victory Campaign
2013 Branson Victory Campaign

2012 Meetings
2012 New Year's Eve
2012 Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign
2012 Word Explosion
2012 Great Lakes Victory Campaign
2012 Southwest Believers' Convention
2012 Europe Victory Campaign
2012 Living Victory West Coast Faith Encounter
2012 Branson Victory Campaign

2011 Meetings
2011 New Year's Eve Service
2011 Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign
2011 Southwest Believers' Convention
2011 Canada Victory Campaign
2011 Branson Victory Campaign

2010 Meetings
2010 Washington D.C. Victory Campaign
2010 Southwest Believers' Convention
2010 Branson Victory Campaign

2009 Meetings
2009 Washington D.C. Victory Campaign
2009 Copeland Family Meeting - Milwaukee
2009 Southwest Believers' Convention
2009 West Coast Believers' Convention
2009 Branson Victory Campaign

2008 Meetings
2008 Washington D.C. Victory Campaign
2008 Days of Refreshing
2008 Great Lakes Believers' Convention
2008 Southwest Believers' Convention
2008 West Coast Believers' Convention
2008 Branson Victory Campaign

2007 Meetings
2007 Washington D.C. Victory Campaign
2007 Days of Refreshing
2007 Great Lakes Believers' Convention
2007 Southwest Believers' Convention
2007 West Coast Believers' Convention
2007 Branson Victory Campaign

2006 Meetings
2006 Days of Refreshing

2005 Meetings
2005 Days of Refreshing

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